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Sensei Jon Oshita

Roku Dan (6th Degree Black Belt)

Martial Arts Teacher (Isshin-Ryu Okinawan Karate)
Wilmington, NC
Oshita Sensei 2003

Sensei Jon Oshita

In his own words...


Where were you born, and where were you raised?


"I was born in Gadsden Alabama and at the age of 5 yrs my parents moved to Monroe, NC."


How long have you lived in Wilmington, NC., and what brought you  here?


"What brought me to Wilmington NC was the ocean. I moved to Wilmington in 1999."


Tell us a little about yourself as a Karate Ka (student) and as a martial arts instructor.


"I started karate in the mid eighties. I have been training in Isshin-Ryu karate for 32 years. Karate kind of found me--I did not find it. When I was a kid I heard the sound of "kiai" coming from a building and saw a man teaching a karate class. I must have shown interest because weeks later my dad took me and my brothers to a karate school. I was apprehensive at first but I really wanted to try it.  I was hooked and I have been with Sensei ever since. Ironically the man I saw teaching in the building was and is the teacher of my instructor. "


What were the reasons you chose Isshin-Ryu as your art?

"I enjoy Isshin-Ryu because it is powerful with intelligent movements. The attention to detail is demanding. And now as an adult I can say that it is an art that will grow with you. As a kid I grew up watching black belt theater and Bruce Lee was an childhood idol of mine, but also the pioneers of karate were a big influence in my life.


The origins of Karate (White Crane)  were developed by a woman named Fang Qiniang. This means the movements are meant to stop or maim an assailant rather than to fight them."


Have you ever tried a different martial art?


"I have never strayed from Isshinryu karate , I am a purist."


What do you see students struggling with the most in your art?


"I think the most difficult part for a new karate ka is that one has to push one's self. The Sensei cannot do it for you. However all martial arts are a practice, and students will gain much from that practice. "


"Over time karate will become woven into the fabric of the karate ka."


What makes Isshin-Ryu good for kids? Grown-ups? Women? The Elderly?


"Karate can be customized to fit  man, woman or child. As mentioned earlier, the origin of  was developed by a woman. Karate also keeps me and others moving and thinking. It is common to find healthy 80 to 90 year old karate Sensei.  As a parent, I want to spread this knowledge to other moms and dads. I believe that karate combined with prevention can help keep a family safe."

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