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Get Ready for Kyufest 2016!

***If you'd like to attend KYU Fest 2016, you can download and fill out the Registration Form Here!

8th Annual Kyufest Isshinryu Invitational Tournament

I'm very excited to be taking some of my students to the 8th Annual Kyufest again this year. We always have a great time, and the students learn so much during the competition!

A Great Gathering of Martial Arts Schools

The Kyufest is a Karate Tournament for Isshynryu students from around North Carolina (and around the US) who hold belts ranking from white to brown. The main objectives of the tournament are to allow students to gain tournament experience and build confidence.

The competition allows attending students to strive for a goal, and to do their best on tournament day. Family and friends are encouraged to attend and cheer on all the competitors! *If you'd like to attend KYU Fest 2016, you can download the Registration Form by clicking here or on the Kyu Fest Poster above!

What Does KyuFest Competition Look Like?

All Belt Ranks

All students have two separate opportunities to compete in Kyufest. Each student may compete one or both types of competition, and the competitions are divided by age AND belt rank. For instance, competition organizers would not pit a 14 year old against a 9 year old, even if they both have achieved a rank of Orange Belt.

  • First, the student competes in Kata, a prearranged set of movements. Students perform their chosen Katas in turn, and are judged on accuracy, form and power.

  • Next, students may compete in controlled point fighting known as Kumite . In these events, students of similar age and rank don protective gear and spar against one another, where the first competitor to reach three points (winning strikes) wins the match. Kumite moves forward in a head to head bracket until a winner is found.

Please Note! Referees and judges are trained on properly running a ring. Safety is paramount. The Kumite rules are:

  • No contact to the head ( though the karate ka may strike at the head)

  • Light contact to the body

  • All kicks above the belt and

  • Strikes must be thrown with full power

Higher Belt Ranks

Finally, there is a Weapons Kata Division for students with higher belt ranks. The range of weapons being demonstrated is wide, and we advise that everyone check them out, as the Weapons Kata Division is guaranteed to be a fantastic show of skill and showmanship!

...Other Important Information

Because the Kyufest relies on PRE-registration divisions are already slated and ready to run by the date of the tournament. This helps ensure a smooth running tournament for both competitors and spectators. By comparison, some martial arts tournaments receive competitor fee and registrations at " the door".

Because the Kyufest is for Isshinryu karate students only, the fee and registration information goes out to all isshinryu Karate schools who want to participate months in advance. Those who pay early get a fee reduction. After that the cost goes up to normal price.

Once competitors have finished their eventss we encourage them to stay and watch others compete. The Kyufest is generally held in Charlotte NC. It's an easy three hour drive from Wilmington NC. Some families even make a weekend vacation out of the event! The Annual Kyufest is designed to build more confidence and tournament experience--all through good karate sportsmanship. It's a special time when students from all over the US meet, make friends and see how each other have grown in Karate through the years.

We can't wait to go, and we hope to see you there!


Oshita Sensei

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