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Can I Find Traditional Martial Arts in Wilmington, NC?

Traditional martial arts is easy to find in Wilmington, North Carolina. There is even a variety of traditional martial arts to choose from that fits the needs of everyone. So why should you try Isshinryu karate?

Isshinryu karate is a traditional Okinawan martial art that adapts to western self defense needs. For example, Isshinryu stances are taller to allow for easier mobility and are more comfortable on the knees. Kicks are preformed low and quick to proper targets on the opponent. The vertical fist and punch is a hand and extended arm gesture that many people unknowingly do in their daily lives, such as, reaching for a cup or turning a door knob. Isshinryu techniques flow with natural human movement.

Isshinryu prefers blocking the opponent's offense hard "head on" to cause pain or guide away the opponent's offense softly to unbalance. Sometimes Isshinryu karate blocks AND strikes at the same time!

This style of Okinawan karate is comfortable on the ground. The techniques found in the kata allow for unorthodox ways to get one back on their feet.

Isshinryu karate is studied in both standing and on the ground. Yet , this karate is also very well versed in the transition of the two levels. Lots of attention is spent in the "close to medium range" distance from the opponent.

Isshinryu karate grows with the student. The simplicity of the movements are timeless. The techniques children learn will still be accessible to them in their later years. Likewise, adults who are just starting class will still be able to preform the kata in their later years. This traditional martial art is within everyone's reach. Visually challenged, physically challenged, ALL are welcome because Isshinryu can be customized to fit many needs. This martial art is a " vehicle" to bring the community together via the ethics of a strong karate.

A traditional martial art like Isshinryu karate is something to be diligently trained and studied. But that can only happen after one first gives it a try!

Thanks for reading,

Oshita Sensei

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